1. Placing your order
You can send us an order request by fax or via electronic mail. Please include the following information in your request:
  → Name of your company
  → Name of contact person
  → Company address (including country of origin and zip code)
  → A telephone and fax number where we can reach you
  → E-mail address
  → Product details (Brand, Model Number, Year and Color)
  → Quantity needed
2. Confirmation
Our staff will contact you shortly upon receiving your request to confirm the order.
3. Payment
After we have confirmed your order, you will receive a pro-forma invoice by fax. Payment for your order can be made through telegraphic transfer of funds or through a letter of credit. The pro-forma invoice will include more details that will help you through the payment process.
You may make your payment in USD, EUR, JPY, SDG, and all other major currencies.
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